What You Should Know about Smile Makeovers


The term “makeover” brings images of clothing stylists weeding out a closet or make-up artists demonstrating colors and technique. A smile makeover from a cosmetic dentist is not altogether different from other makeovers.

When a patient comes to our office for information about a smile makeover, they are often burdened with several dental problems and genuinely do not know what to expect from a smile makeover. Here are a few key facts that our patients should find helpful when they are anticipating a smile makeover:

• Your smile makeover is as individual as you.

• Some smile makeovers may have multiple procedures involved. These makeovers will require numerous visits to our smile makeover dentist in Torrance.

• We will have an extensive consultation and find out what you do and do not like about your smile as well as your vision for your new smile.

• Our dentists will be realistic and honest with you. They will never promise what they cannot deliver.

Your smile makeover consultation is the most important part of your smile makeover. We understand that you may not know specifics about every aspect of your smile. Because of that, our dentist comes to the consultation with a list of questions to help clarify your wishes.

Here are some topics our dentist will ask you about during your consultation.

• Spacing and alignment- If you have gaps between your teeth or misaligned teeth, we can correct these problems through bonding, veneers, and orthodontics.

• Balance- We can contour a gummy smile, so you have an even appearance above and below the gum line. Chipped or cracked teeth can be evened out with bonding elements or veneers.

• Missing teeth- Missing teeth are both unsightly and unhealthy. We have numerous ways to replace missing teeth. Bridges, dentures, and implants are all options which are available to you.

• Tooth color- Often our patients are unhappy with their tooth color. If you have no existing dental work, teeth whitening treatments are an excellent way to brighten your smile. If you do have dental work in place, we can work with you by replacing older metal fillings. Additionally, we can change older dental work to refresh its appearance, place veneers, add crowns, and composite bonding.

Whatever work your smile makeover requires, we are ready to assist you in getting your perfect smile.