How a Smile Makeover Can Change You


A great many patients come to our office to learn more about a series of procedures known as a smile makeover. The term is a common part of our language. Yet many patients still wonder what kind of impact a smile makeover can have on their life.

Our San Francisco cosmetic dentist has a great deal of experience with smile makeovers. He also is a first- hand witness to how the makeover impacts his patients.

It is no secret that a smile is like a person’s calling card. People notice smiles right away and a wonderful smile can help with careers, relationships, and friendships. It is easy to understand why someone with an imperfect smile would feel self-conscious and try to avoid smiling. Of course, this kind of behavior can create a rift in relationships which brings about low self-esteem. Eventually, a downward cycle is in place, and it is extremely difficult to break.

Patients who choose smile makeovers tend to experience an elevated mood as soon as they finalize the procedure. This is usually because the patient is taking a proactive approach to what is likely a long-term problem.

Once the patient begins the steps of their smile makeover, they are generally excited. Even if several treatments that require a good bit of time are a part of the makeover, patients are happier seeing progress.

After the smile makeover, patients report feeling happier and stronger. They also feel more confident and report themselves as being more outgoing and friendlier. Many are able to be free of low self-esteem problems. Our dentist hears from many extremely happy patients who feel like they have a new lease on life thanks to their smile makeover.

If you would like to learn more about smile makeovers, please feel free to contact our office. Our staff can give you information to help you make a decision regarding smile makeovers. You can also learn more specific information about what you need for a smile makeover by setting up a consultation with our cosmetic dentists. At your consultation, you can get specific answers to the questions you may have as well as a care plan for your smile makeover.

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