Importance of Dental Exam and Cleaning

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Teeth do not clean themselves, and you can only clean them yourself up to a point. Brushing and flossing can keep the worst bacteria at bay, but problems are inevitable if you go too long without a professional cleaning. Only a dentist can remove the biofilm buildup, known as tartar, which collects on teeth over time.

If you allow tartar to erode the enamel on your teeth, serious periodontal problems are that much harder to avoid. Gum disease, like gingivitis and advanced periodontitis, can eventually cause the teeth to separate from the gums and even loosen and fall out. A dental exam and cleaning can diagnose any gum disease you have, and reverse it if it’s early enough.

At your exam, your dentist checks your head and neck for any sign of cancer or malformation. Cysts in the jaw or swollen lymph nodes are often discovered by dentists in routine exams. Oral cancer screenings are included in the process.

Regular exams are essential if you want your teeth to stay clean, your gums to stay healthy, and your overall health to flourish. Contact your Northridge dentist to schedule an appointment today.