Things You Should Discuss with Your Invisalign Doctor

smiling girl with tooth tray

Starting Invisalign can be exciting. Once you slip on your first pair of aligners, you will be on your way to a healthier, transformed smile. Before you begin treatment, however, there are some questions that you should ask our Los Angeles orthodontics expert.

1. How long will my treatment last?
Treatment times can vary. Your treatment time will depend on your needs, goals, the complexity of your case, and the number of aligners needed to complete the treatment plan.

2. How frequently will I need to schedule office visits?
You will switch your aligners every two weeks on your own, but you will still need to schedule periodic office visits to ensure your treatment is proceeding as expected. Most patients need to visit us every four to six weeks, but you may visit more or less frequently depending on your individual case.

3. Will there be any restrictions?
With Invisalign, you can eat, drink, and do the same things you did before treatment thanks to the removable design of the aligners.

4. Will I need to wear a retainer?
Retainers prevent orthodontic relapse and protect your investment, so they are always prescribed by our Invisalign expert.

5. How much will treatment cost, and what are my payment options?
Costs can vary. Insurance, financing, FSAs, and other options are available.

Call our Invisalign doctor in Los Angeles today to get your questions answered or to schedule your appointment with our team.