How Long Does Invisalign Express Take 

Doctors Showing Aligners - 6

At this point, everyone has heard of or seen transparent aligners. But now it’s gone one step further with Invisalign Express. This is a short-duration orthodontic treatment in which a clear aligner is specifically molded to fit a person’s mouth. It’s perfect for those with minor crowding or spacial issues. Where the traditional Invisalign uses 20-30 aligners, Express only has 10. On average, this lasts nearly six months. Of course they must be worn nearly all hours of the day, as the process is expedited.  

Not many can compete with what a Rocklin orthodontist provides. And believing in Invisalign brings patients one step closer to straight and immaculate teeth. The fact that they are easy to remove also promotes better hygiene. The idea behind is to push continuously to straighten and adjust teeth.  This is for simpler orthodontic procedures, though. But if it is an option, then what luck. People have been able to cut down the treatment time astronomically. It is suggested that people ensure they are candidates for the express version. This means that there is less than 2mm of spacing or crowding happening, that there is minimal rotation, and finally, that there’s less than 2mm of midline correction necessary.

When are Braces a Better Option Compared to Invisalign?

Young black woman with bracesThe popularity of Invisalign is clear, but some patients do better with traditional metal braces from our Rocklin orthodontist. This can be because of patient needs or preferences. Below is a look at some situations where this may be the case.

Corrections and Bite Irregularities

Invisalign cannot correct all types of orthodontic flaws. Moving teeth vertically or correcting severe tooth rotation, for example, requires brackets and wires. Invisalign can correct minor bite irregularities, such as crossbites or over bites, but cannot address severe cases. Furthermore, some patients may need additional appliances that can be used at the same time as metal braces, but not Invisalign.

Total Costs

Any orthodontic treatment will vary in cost depending on the patient, but Invisalign is often more expensive than metal braces. Some patients prefer metal braces because they costs less money for the same results.

Age Restrictions

Invisalign Full and Teen are made for adults and teenagers, respectively. The system cannot be used for kids, but metal braces can. Some younger patients get lingual braces as a discreet alternative to Invisalign.

A final reason why some patients do better with braces than with Invisalign is that they are fixed in place, which eliminates the need to keep track of aligners and remember to wear them enough. At a consultation with our expert in braces in Rocklin, patients can learn more about how these treatments compare to each other.