Why Get Same Day Crowns

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We strive to bring our patients the most convenient and cutting-edge treatments available. Occasionally, a new treatment arrives and is so revolutionary it is a game-changer. Same day crowns are one such treatment.

For decades, traditional crowns helped patients keep their natural tooth despite injury or infection. A traditional crown is still a viable option for patients. Our dentist in San Francisco is proud to offer our patients the option of choosing same-day crowns.

Many patients ask our staff what makes same-day crowns superior to traditional crowns. An important difference is in the making of the crown as well as how long the entire procedure takes.

Patients getting a traditional crown will visit our office a minimum of three times before the process is complete.

• On the first visit, our dentist will examine you, confirm that you need a crown and create a care plan.

• Your second visit is for preparing the tooth for the crown and making an impression of the tooth. A dental technician in an offsite lab uses the impression when making the crown. The time between tooth preparation and installing the crown is normally about two weeks. During that time, you will wear a temporary crown to protect your tooth.

• Once our office receives the crown, you will make your third visit to our office. At this time, our dentist permanently attaches your crown, and the procedure is complete.

It is easy to see why getting same-day crowns is a smart choice. The amount of time saved is tremendous. This is especially important to our busy patients who struggle to fit a dental visit into their jam-packed days.

Additionally, because CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/ computer-aided manufacturing) is the method we use to make your crown in our office, the result is a highly detailed and exceptionally comfortable crown that will protect your tooth.

If you believe you could benefit from same-day crowns, please feel free to contact our office for more information. Our staff can also set up a no-obligation consultation where you can ask questions and learn more about how same-day crowns can help you.

What Makes Same Day Dental Treatments Possible

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Numerous advances in technology make so many parts of daily life better for all of us. Technological advances offer positive changes in the world of dentistry as well. New dental equipment and techniques save time, increase precision, and reduce discomfort.

One such advance is same day dentistry. You likely remember appointments with our dentist in Huntington Beach when you needed to return for our dentist to complete the dental work. Repetitive dates are not necessary in many cases thanks to the technology behind same day dentistry.

In the past, if you needed a crown or a dental veneer, our dentist would send impressions of your teeth to a dental lab — expert dental technologists craft you piece of dental equipment and ship it back to our dental office. The process takes about two weeks. Lastly, you would see the dentist again, finalize your treatment.

Fortunately, because of Auto CAD and Auto CAM technology, the long waiting period, temporary dental work, and other dentist appointments are often unnecessary. Auto CAD stands for Computer Aided Design and Auto CAM denotes Computer Aided Manufacturing.

To use this system, our dentist prepares your tooth just as it would be for the traditional application of a veneer or crown. However, instead of creating an impression of your tooth, our dentist uses a hand-held scanner to generate and send images to the machine that creates your crown or veneer. In about an hour, the dental work is ready for our dentist to place. At this point, your treatment is complete.

Same day dentistry also helps our dentist treat dental emergencies efficiently. If you break off part of a tooth or crack a tooth, you no longer need to wait for weeks to get your smile restored. Thanks to the auto CAD/auto CAM, our dentist can repair injuries like these as well as others in our office.

If you believe you would benefit from a same day dental treatment or would like more detailed information, please feel free to contact our office. Our staff can assist you in learning about same-day dentistry, and which kinds of treatments can help you the most.

History of Same Day Dental Treatments

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In our dental practice, we pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of new techniques and advances in dentistry. Our patients are always pleased to learn about the latest and fastest dental treatments available. One advancement, in particular, is extremely popular with our patients, same day dentistry.

Our dentist in Huntington Beach understands that our patients lead hectic lives. For some, just carving out the time for a single dental appointment is a significant achievement. To help our patients receive the care, they need in a relatively short amount of time; our office is happy to offer various same day dental treatments.

While dentistry began around 7000 B.C. in the modern-day Middle East, the same day dental treatment has a much shorter timeline. We only need to look back about 25 years to see the advent of the technology necessary to make procedures like same day crowns possible.

In the mid-1980s, the first chairside ceramic inlays debuted. The premise was to replicate the dental treatments that generally took an off-site dental lab two weeks to manufacture. Rather than several weeks with a temporary protective covering, the patient would leave with their permanent dental work in place. The results were encouraging. However, computer limitations reduced the efficiency needed to make inlays in a reasonable amount of time.

The many advances in technology continued to advance the ideas of same day dental treatments. The adaptation of computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) to a dental office was the breakthrough necessary to make the same day process a viable option for dentists and their patients. A process of consistent fine-tuning and upgrading over the past two and a half decades brings us quick and comfortable porcelain dental work and eliminates the need to spend two weeks waiting for another appointment to complete the task.

Our office offers many same day options; eligibility for same day care varies as we look at numerous factors including your overall health. If you would like to know more, please contact our office. We are happy to arrange a no-obligation consultation with our dentist so that you can learn more.

Benefits of Same Day Dentistry

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For individuals suffering from advanced cosmetic degeneration in one or more teeth beyond the help of a simple cleaning or whitening, more drastic measures of improvement may be required. This prognosis can certainly be an unwelcome one, as many of the cosmetic procedures in this category require a significant time commitment on the part of the recipient to give your dental lab an adequate window of time in which to manufacture your crown, bridge, implant, or set of veneers. Same day dentistry is a revolutionary new way of working that allows your dental care provider to evaluate your mouth, collect the relevant data using special equipment, and actually have the restorative implement made in-office that day, allowing them to perform the procedure with no waiting period required.


During the appointment, our dentist will clean out any debris. Measurements will be taken and instead of an x-ray you will be put through a much more accurate CT scan, capable of gathering much more data about your mouth and teeth than technology of the past. This information will be fed into a 3D printer, and once the machine is done making your new implant or crown a reality, the rest of the process is a simple as having it placed and cemented to your teeth.


Those with active adult lives probably stand to benefit the most from a same day workflow when it comes to enhancing their smiles. A same day procedure eliminates the hassle of endless trips to and from the office and less time wasted in the chair. It also makes the need for temporary measures of protecting exposed, sculpted teeth with non-permanent crowns and retainers obsolete, minimizing the risk of bacteria complicating any part of the process. A same day procedure also requires less long-term planning, which makes it ideal for individuals whose teeth have become lost or damaged unexpectedly, such as in the case of a car accident. A same day restoration will allow you to walk out of the office with teeth just as radiant as they were before.

What is E4D Technology?

Dental assistant smiling at cameraE4D is a new system that lets our dentist scan teeth and make restorations at our office. By choosing E4D Technology instead of conventional restorations, patients enjoy more convenience and have less time to wait for results. Here is more about E4D in its scanning and milling phases.

Laser Scanning With E4D

Traditional bite impressions are time consuming and can be unpleasant for patients. E4D can create a 3-D model of the teeth with a laser scanning tool that is fast and accurate. Right after the images are made, our dentist can view them on an office computer and refine restoration designs as necessary.

On-Site Milling

The designs made from E4D laser images can be milled from raw materials while patients wait. Porcelain crowns, veneers, inlays, and onlays can be made accurately using this process, resulting in incredibly lifelike and comfortable results. With E4D, patients need only one appointment to get these restorations rather than the two or more visits that conventional restorations require.

E4D optimizes the preparation and production process associated with several restorations. Like conventional porcelain restorations, E4D restorations can last for many years with proper care. Patients can schedule a consultation with our dentist in Northridge to find out if they are candidates for E4D.