How Sinus Augmentation Helps with Dental Implant Procedure

Dental implantA sinus augmentation, which may also be called a sinus lift, is a special type of bone graft that can be used to augment the bone in the upper jaw to better support dental implants. This type of graft may be needed when the upper jaw has suffered damage from periodontal disease, or a previous extraction or other type of dental trauma has left the area too narrow to properly accommodate the length of a standard dental implant. Our periodontist can help you decide if a sinus augmentation is right for you.

During a sinus augmentation, part of the maxillary sinus is filled with grafting material to create a thicker, denser sinus floor. This material may include the patient’s own tissue from bone elsewhere in their body, donor tissue, or synthetic materials. As the grafting site heals, the material will be incorporated into the bone tissue, and over the next several months, the sinus floor will grow thicker and stronger.

Once the site has fully healed, the implants can be placed. The new, denser sinus floor should be thick and strong enough to support the full length of the implants, which in turn will keep the sinus floor stimulated, ensuring it stays strong. Call our expert in sinus augmentation in LA today to learn more or to schedule your consultation.