When is Tooth Contouring Recommended?

0249.jpgSmall chips and enamel defects are not necessarily enough to compromise your teeth’s health, but they can affect the way your smile looks. If you find your eyes drawn to chips and other small irregularities, our cosmetic dentist may recommend enamel reshaping or contouring.

Contouring can be used to address a variety of minor cosmetic problems, including overlaps, pointy teeth, flattened teeth, irregular tooth length and chips. At your appointment, we will examine your teeth and determine the best way to help you accomplish your goals. In some cases, dental X-rays can be necessary to protect the pulp and maintain a healthy bite.

During the procedure, only the outer coating, or enamel, is sculpted and then polished. This tissue contains no nerves, so you will not necessarily need an anesthetic. You should feel no pain, but you might feel some vibrations as your tooth is shaped and contoured. Tooth contouring can be performed alone or in conjunction with teeth whitening, bonding or other conservative procedures to brighten and improve the look of your smile.

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