Do All Wisdom Teeth Need to be Extracted?

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Many patients benefit from having their wisdom teeth removed, but not all patients require it. With that said, wisdom teeth can cause serious problems and should be removed when warning signs arise. Below is more about this issue and what problematic wisdom teeth can cause.

When Wisdom Teeth Do Not Cause Problems

Some patients have plenty of room in their mouth for wisdom teeth, so overcrowding is unlikely to occur. Even some impacted wisdom teeth cause no problems, especially when they have only just emerged. In any case, the potential for problems from specific wisdom teeth should be determined through an exam by our Northridge dentist.

What Problems Can Happen from Wisdom Teeth?

Besides overcrowding, which can cause orthodontic problems, wisdom teeth can be highly prone to decay and can cause gum disease if they are impacted. This is mainly because crannies tend to develop around these teeth, allowing food and bacteria to settle there. Pericoronitis, an infection of gum tissue overhanging wisdom teeth, can also develop.

Wisdom teeth do not necessarily need to be removed unless they cause problems or are deemed risky after an exam. By scheduling a consultation with our expert in wisdom teeth extraction in Northridge, patients can learn more about the issues that wisdom teeth can cause.