How a Smile Makeover Can Change You


A great many patients come to our office to learn more about a series of procedures known as a smile makeover. The term is a common part of our language. Yet many patients still wonder what kind of impact a smile makeover can have on their life.

Our San Francisco cosmetic dentist has a great deal of experience with smile makeovers. He also is a first- hand witness to how the makeover impacts his patients.

It is no secret that a smile is like a person’s calling card. People notice smiles right away and a wonderful smile can help with careers, relationships, and friendships. It is easy to understand why someone with an imperfect smile would feel self-conscious and try to avoid smiling. Of course, this kind of behavior can create a rift in relationships which brings about low self-esteem. Eventually, a downward cycle is in place, and it is extremely difficult to break.

Patients who choose smile makeovers tend to experience an elevated mood as soon as they finalize the procedure. This is usually because the patient is taking a proactive approach to what is likely a long-term problem.

Once the patient begins the steps of their smile makeover, they are generally excited. Even if several treatments that require a good bit of time are a part of the makeover, patients are happier seeing progress.

After the smile makeover, patients report feeling happier and stronger. They also feel more confident and report themselves as being more outgoing and friendlier. Many are able to be free of low self-esteem problems. Our dentist hears from many extremely happy patients who feel like they have a new lease on life thanks to their smile makeover.

If you would like to learn more about smile makeovers, please feel free to contact our office. Our staff can give you information to help you make a decision regarding smile makeovers. You can also learn more specific information about what you need for a smile makeover by setting up a consultation with our cosmetic dentists. At your consultation, you can get specific answers to the questions you may have as well as a care plan for your smile makeover.

Why Get Same Day Crowns

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We strive to bring our patients the most convenient and cutting-edge treatments available. Occasionally, a new treatment arrives and is so revolutionary it is a game-changer. Same day crowns are one such treatment.

For decades, traditional crowns helped patients keep their natural tooth despite injury or infection. A traditional crown is still a viable option for patients. Our dentist in San Francisco is proud to offer our patients the option of choosing same-day crowns.

Many patients ask our staff what makes same-day crowns superior to traditional crowns. An important difference is in the making of the crown as well as how long the entire procedure takes.

Patients getting a traditional crown will visit our office a minimum of three times before the process is complete.

• On the first visit, our dentist will examine you, confirm that you need a crown and create a care plan.

• Your second visit is for preparing the tooth for the crown and making an impression of the tooth. A dental technician in an offsite lab uses the impression when making the crown. The time between tooth preparation and installing the crown is normally about two weeks. During that time, you will wear a temporary crown to protect your tooth.

• Once our office receives the crown, you will make your third visit to our office. At this time, our dentist permanently attaches your crown, and the procedure is complete.

It is easy to see why getting same-day crowns is a smart choice. The amount of time saved is tremendous. This is especially important to our busy patients who struggle to fit a dental visit into their jam-packed days.

Additionally, because CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/ computer-aided manufacturing) is the method we use to make your crown in our office, the result is a highly detailed and exceptionally comfortable crown that will protect your tooth.

If you believe you could benefit from same-day crowns, please feel free to contact our office for more information. Our staff can also set up a no-obligation consultation where you can ask questions and learn more about how same-day crowns can help you.

How Porcelain Veneers are Placed on Teeth

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Our patients rely on our dentists to have the best treatment options for their dental needs. Our San Francisco cosmetic dentist makes sure that our patients have access to the top cutting-edge treatments available.

One treatment our patients frequently ask about is dental veneers. Our veneers dentist in San Francisco uses state of the art porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are very durable and can match your existing teeth wonderfully.

Porcelain veneers are a popular cosmetic treatment because they do not involve surgery and can help patients with various issues, including:

• Teeth discolored from medicine
• Chipped or cracked teeth
• Crooked teeth
• Gaps between teeth
• Misaligned bite
• Short teeth

Placing porcelain veneers normally requires that you make three visits to our office.

At your first appointment, you will discuss your treatment goals and our dentist will tell you what porcelain veneers can do to help you meet these goals. We also note the enamel color of your teeth so the veneers will match your natural teeth.

Your second appointment consists of our dentist preparing your teeth for the veneers. This involves removing a minute amount of tooth enamel to allow the veneer to sit properly on your tooth in relation to the gum line. Removing the enamel also helps the veneer adhere to the tooth. Our dentist files off a layer of the enamel; this is a painless process that requires no anesthesia. We take impressions of your teeth to use as a guide for creating the veneers. Finally, our dentist places temporary veneers on your teeth to help protect them since a layer of enamel is gone.

At your third appointment, our dentist double checks the veneers for size and color before using a strong adhesive to hold the veneers in place. The veneers are not considered permanent, because a dentist can remove them. However, porcelain veneers can last ten years or longer.

If you believe porcelain veneers could be a solution to your dental issues, feel free to contact our office. Our staff can give you additional information as well as set up an appointment for a no-obligation consultation to find out how porcelain veneers can help your smile.

Use of Lasers for Whitening Teeth


Our staff here can attest to the fact that teeth whitening is more popular than ever. We frequently see patients looking for information about the latest techniques and newest developments to get the whitest. Fortunately, we stay at the forefront of technology and treatments, so our patients get the best treatment possible.

Many patients ask our cosmetic dentist in San Francisco about laser whitening for their teeth. While the United States Food and Drug Association approved lasers for use in dentistry a little less than a decade ago, there are still common misconceptions about the process and how it works.

One of the most common points that confuse people is which treatments use lasers. There are several different whitening procedures that involve the use of light to speed the whitening process, but all of these are not using laser light. If you are not sure which treatment you are having, ask us.

The laser whitening treatment is different from regular whitening procedures that involve light. A laser whitening uses a solution specifically formulated to work with the laser to lift stains from your teeth. This happens when the laser light reacts with the whitener and releases oxygen ions from the solution; these ions create bubbles as they remove stains on the tooth’s surface. The laser whitening process is generally faster than other whitening treatment; some patients spend just 20 minutes while others may need 30 or 40 minutes to achieve their goal. Patients see results after a single treatment, and laser whitening makes teeth up to nine shades lighter.

Laser whitening is a safe alternative to other types of whitening procedures, many of which are known to cause sensitivity in patients. Because the whitening solution used in the laser procedure spends less time in contact with teeth, sensitivity is minimal. Most patients report feeling no post-treatment sensitivity.

If you think laser teeth whitening could be right for you, please contact our office. Our staff can set up a no-obligation consultation with our dentists to help you decide the best path to your dream smile.

What Makes Same Day Dental Treatments Possible

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Numerous advances in technology make so many parts of daily life better for all of us. Technological advances offer positive changes in the world of dentistry as well. New dental equipment and techniques save time, increase precision, and reduce discomfort.

One such advance is same day dentistry. You likely remember appointments with our dentist in Huntington Beach when you needed to return for our dentist to complete the dental work. Repetitive dates are not necessary in many cases thanks to the technology behind same day dentistry.

In the past, if you needed a crown or a dental veneer, our dentist would send impressions of your teeth to a dental lab — expert dental technologists craft you piece of dental equipment and ship it back to our dental office. The process takes about two weeks. Lastly, you would see the dentist again, finalize your treatment.

Fortunately, because of Auto CAD and Auto CAM technology, the long waiting period, temporary dental work, and other dentist appointments are often unnecessary. Auto CAD stands for Computer Aided Design and Auto CAM denotes Computer Aided Manufacturing.

To use this system, our dentist prepares your tooth just as it would be for the traditional application of a veneer or crown. However, instead of creating an impression of your tooth, our dentist uses a hand-held scanner to generate and send images to the machine that creates your crown or veneer. In about an hour, the dental work is ready for our dentist to place. At this point, your treatment is complete.

Same day dentistry also helps our dentist treat dental emergencies efficiently. If you break off part of a tooth or crack a tooth, you no longer need to wait for weeks to get your smile restored. Thanks to the auto CAD/auto CAM, our dentist can repair injuries like these as well as others in our office.

If you believe you would benefit from a same day dental treatment or would like more detailed information, please feel free to contact our office. Our staff can assist you in learning about same-day dentistry, and which kinds of treatments can help you the most.

Can Teens Benefit from Invisalign?

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Our patients make inquiries each day about Invisalign. Even though the alignment system is more than 20 years old; it remains one of our most requested treatments.

When Invisalign premiered, patients were eager to try the clear removable orthodontic treatment that had no wires or food restrictions. Unfortunately, teenagers the patients with the strongest interest in Invisalign could not use the system. When Invisalign first arrived, it was not suitable for younger patients. The aligner trays had no way to accommodate growing jaws or erupting molars.

After some time passed, makers of Invisalign, Align Technology, developed the Invisalign Teen system. The aligner trays expand to allow for jaw growth and have tabs to accommodate molars. Additionally, Invisalign Teen comes with a compliance indicator to help monitor the amount of time the patient uses the aligners. To get optimal results in the shortest amount of time possible, a patient must wear the alignment trays between 20-22 hours each day. In a perfect world, this would be a simple task, but in the midst of a busy day, we know it is easy to get sidetracked or forget the aligners. To help keep patients on track, a small blue dot measures how long a patient wears the alignment tray. The dot wears away as the Invisalign tray spends time in use. When the time comes to switch trays, the dot is gone from the tray if worn properly. These adaptations to the original Invisalign system make it ideal for teens as well as for adults.

When you visit our office for Invisalign Teen, you are in good hands. Our dentist has extensive training with Invisalign and serves on Align Technology’s panel of expert dentists helping advise the company. Our San Francisco dentist has years of training in various orthodontic treatments including Invisalign.

If your teen is interested in learning more about Invisalign, contact our scheduling staff for a consultation appointment. This is a no-obligation visit to help you and your teen understand the Invisalign system.

How Does Full Mouth Reconstruction Work?


Often, when patients hear the phrase, ‘Full mouth reconstruction’ they imagine a massive amount of dental work taking place over a long period of time. However, a mouth reconstruction is unique to every patient. Our cosmetic dentist in Van Nuys has many strategies and treatments that can help bring out our patients’ very best smiles.

Patients have numerous health-related reasons to seek a full mouth reconstruction. Some of these include:
• A patient is missing numerous teeth
• Cracked or broken teeth
• Extreme damage from gum disease
• Out of control tooth decay
• Permanent damage because of Templar Mandibular Joint problems
• Tooth erosion from stomach acid or teeth grinding

There are other reasons you may want a mouth reconstruction which can be cosmetic in nature such as:
• Gaps
• Misaligned teeth
• Permanent stains from medication
• Stained dental work
• Unsightly old fillings

Regardless of the reason or combination of reasons your full mouth reconstruction begins with an examination and consultation. You will need to tell our dentist what you like about your smile and what you would like to change. Health-related problems normally are the first priority because any cosmetic changes made to unhealthy teeth and gums will not last. Together you and our dentist will create a care plan for your reconstruction. It is important to remember that this will be a time-consuming process, even though some treatments may happen at the same time.

Pinpointing a time frame for your mouth reconstruction is difficult. Sometimes, we experience long wait times for dental work arriving from a dental lab. Often that is dictated by the procedures and the length of time is also determined by how well your body responds to certain procedures. Treatments like dental implants or orthodontic treatments progress at whatever rate you heal.

Our dentist has a wide range of potential procedures to give you a smile you have always wanted. Some of these treatments are:

• Bridges
• Dental Crowns
• Dental Implants
• Dentures
• Fillings
• Inlays
• Invisalign
• Onlays
• Orthodontics
• Veneers

Once you decide to move forward with your treatments, you will find that even if the process is lengthy, it is worth every second to have a brilliant smile you are proud to share.

How to Clean Teeth with Veneers

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Our office sees many delighted patients showing off their gorgeous smiles after receiving dental veneers. Watching these patients beam with happiness is one of the best parts of working with a cosmetic dentist in San Francisco.


places hundreds of dental veneers each year. The procedure is painless and normally requires no kind of anesthetic. Our dentist will design your veneers, which are thin shell-like pieces of porcelain that permanently bond on top of your natural teeth.

Because the bonding process is permanent, it is important for patients with dental veneers to understand how to care for their teeth and keep them looking great.


• Excellent dental hygiene is essential. Just as you should care for your natural teeth, you should brush and floss your teeth twice a day. It is best for your veneers if you use a soft-bristled toothbrush with a gel toothpaste. It is best to avoid harsh abrasive substances and hard bristled toothbrushes. These can rough up your veneers making them vulnerable to stains and removing the sheen.

• Avoid biting hard objects such as pencils, ice, or hard candy. These sorts of things can crack your veneers as well as your teeth.

• Stay away from products containing alcohol as it can weaken the bonding of your veneers and your teeth.

• Minimize the number of sugars and acids you consume. This will keep your veneers looking great as well as your teeth healthy.

• Avoid teeth grinding as this is damaging to your veneers as well as your natural tooth enamel.

• Visit our dentist regularly. This ensures that your teeth, gums, and veneers are in great shape.

If you have dental veneers, and you would like more information about the most effective way to care for them, feel free to contact our office. Our dentists and staff are happy to explain and demonstrate the best strategies for keeping your beautiful veneers looking their best.

How is Gum Disease Treated?

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Many of our patients have gum disease and do not know it. This is because the disease has nearly no symptoms in its earliest stages. The indicators of very early gum disease are subtle and are easy to overlook.

Gum disease (also called gingivitis in early stages and periodontitis in advanced stages) has several symptoms during the early phases that our dentist looks for during routine exams. The most common are swelling and redness of the gums as well as bleeding gums when brushing or flossing. These symptoms occur because plaque builds up along the gum line without careful dental hygiene.

If gum disease progresses, bacteria in the plaque will harden to form tartar which further irritates the gums. Bacteria will also form pockets if infection at the gum line, which leads to receding gums, exposed roots, significant infection, tooth loss, and bone loss.

The sooner our periodontist in Torrance treats your gum disease, the easier the treatment. There are two types of treatment for gum disease non-surgical and surgical intervention.

NON-SURGICAL TREATMENTS- These will help if you are in the earliest stages of gum disease.

• Dental Cleaning- A professional deep cleaning of your teeth and gums is sometimes enough to stop gum disease before it forms a stronghold. This is also one of the best preventatives to keep you safe from gum disease.

• Scaling and root planning- Our dentist uses this treatment to scrape away hardened tartar and plaque at and below the gum line. Once the bacteria is gone, your gum will reattach and cover any exposed roots.

SURGICAL TREATMENTS- Our dentist uses surgical techniques for advanced cases of gum disease.

• Flap surgery- You receive a local anesthetic to numb the area before our periodontist loosens your gum, clears all of the infection, and re-attaches your gum over the root of your tooth.

• Bone grafts- Some patients require a more significant form of anesthesia for this procedure. Our dentist removes pieces of bone from your jaw and uses them to begin regrowth of bone lost to gum disease.

• Bone surgery- If necessary, this procedure happens after flap surgery. Before reattaching your gum over the root of your tooth, the dentist reshapes the bone to remove any pitting from bacteria.

Remember that prevention is always easier than a cure when it comes to gum disease. Brush and floss carefully and call our office to schedule your regular cleaning and exams.

Steps in Getting Same Day Crowns

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At our office, we understand that you are busy, and your time is valuable. We do everything we can to make sure the care you receive is thorough and efficient. We are pleased to let you know that you are able to get same day crowns in our office.

Our dentist invested in one of the latest technological advances to make same day crowns possible. The system is known as CEREC. (This stands for Ceramic Reconstructions.) It takes advantage of state-of-the-art computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) to create crowns in just one visit.

What sets the CEREC system apart from other dental instruments is the computer assists in a large portion of the process. Using scanning technology eliminates the need for our dentist to make impressions of your tooth and send them to a dental lab. Because you do not need to wait on your new crown to arrive from an offsite dental lab, you can skip the temporary crown which you typically wore for two weeks. The CEREC unit uses a single block of durable ceramic material and crafts your crown in our office.

The process condenses what was once a two or three visit procedure into a few steps.

• The process for same day crowns starts with our dentist clearing away the problematic filling or any dead or decaying tissue from your tooth. Patients usually get a local anesthetic, so they are numb during this removal of the filling or the decaying material.

• Our CEREC device’s camera scans your tooth and makes a three-dimensional image of your tooth.

• CEREC uses the image to design plans for your new crown.

• Once the plans for your restoration are complete, the CEREC milling unit crafts your new crown from an individual ceramic block.

• Our dentist double checks the crown and its fit, and then the crown is affixed to the tooth with a permanent bonding agent. Your new crown is complete.

Our patients are extremely happy with crowns in a single visit. If you would like to get more information about the procedure or the technology, contact our office and our staff will gladly assist you.